Mainstream media misdirection

Grabbing the news
You can use
Off the desk of intention
Intentionally distorting all perspectives
straight edged
looky loos
Lose yourself in the truth
Permanently stuck behind a booth
Stuck between the lines – the lies
This misuse of mainstream thought
Where your attention can be bought
manipulated and sold
Until your soul grows old
withers away
forced inside
told to stay
in your place
underneath the room
corporate thought
ingested into servers
of the mass conscious mind
splices and dices of time
melting into one another
the truth under a cover
acceptable thought
a product
the truth forced underground
pretty people permeating the airwaves
bobble heads spitting up make up
Dry clean the coats for the poor
piled up on the floor
passed out when we’re good and ready
when the cameras are on
spreading the image of charity
financial insecurity
warmth for all if it improves
our ratings