Human Rights NOW! on KSKQ 89.5 FM

Human Rights NOW! on KSKQ

Dennis and Don are joined by Marvin Woodard, Multi-Cultural Resource Center and Diversity Scholarship Coordinator at Southern Oregon University, who discussed the upcoming Martin Luther King Day, the unfinished work of Dr. and our modern view of Dr. King.


“Human Rights Now!” is about raising awareness of human rights violations around the world that have been identified by Amnesty International. Don Wertheimer and Dennis Remick discuss the issues on the program, revealing the facts and encouraging individual and cooperative action to aid in their positive resolution.

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Human Rights NOW! on KSKQ

Premiere of Human Rights Now! Dennis Remick and Don Wertheimer introduce HRN! and throw light on prisoners of conscience in Iran and Honduras. They discuss the Yaran, seven Baha’is who have been sentenced to 20 years in prison for being Baha’s and being unwilling to renounce their faith. In Honduras, they bring to light the situation of three leaders of COPINH, Civic Council of the Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras, organizers from the Rio Blanco area of Honduras, Bertha Caceres, Tomás Gómez and Aureliano Molina, who were arrested after protesting the construction of a dam on the Gualcarque River.