Is it time for a viable third party?

by David Hyde – Jackson County Move to Amend


To answer that question, we need to ask ourselves why? Is our government serving the citizens well? Is it protecting civil rights, natural resources, health and  welfare? The Supreme Court says that the Multinational Corporations are people, and money is speech. They are deciding if the one percent of our people, with  their vast amounts of money, can spend unlimited amounts to influence elections and they are deciding on a suit by Halliburton to severely limit class-action suits against unlawful actions of corporations. Does it make sense to reduce the  power of the EPA’s ability to enforce laws protecting us from pollution? How  can our elected legislators to represent us, when they take money from special interest groups, who are not interested in the people?

Why can’t our legislators  provide us with a fair tax system, one that doesn’t destroy the working class which built this country? It is obvious by the discussions in Washington DC that our legislators are afraid of the corporations. They are afraid of opposing the  concept that corporations are people because they need their money for their election campaigns. How absurd is that? It’s time to say “I am not going to take it anymore!” We can join a social action group. We can vote Green Party.

I love the story about the frog who was placed in a pot of water in which it felt comfortable, then when the heat was gradually turned up and it was cooked before he even knew it. The other frog was placed in the hot water, so what did it do? It jumped out of course. Are we like the first frog? There has been a concerted effort by big business, especially since the Reagan Administration to give more and more power to the corporate giants. They said that this would create jobs. Well it did! The only problem is that it created low pay sweatshop jobs in third world countries, then they moved manufacturing over there. Why should corporations care about the welfare of the people? Their responsibility is make profits for the shareholders, and guess what, the stock market is doing just great.

Are you ready to make a difference? We can make our voices heard at the polls. We can support local business, and agriculture. We can let our legislators know we are watching them. We can join social action groups and participate in events that support our values. Here in Jackson County, we need stand up and be counted. The Green Party supports fair elections, single payer health care, jobs, justice, education healthy non-genetically engineered foods, and a healthy planet. We want a world that values its people, more than the profits of the corporations. A Nike, who makes shoes in China, says: “Just do it.”

Liberty & Justice

Dave Hyde