Oregon is NOT for sale to Billionaires

To the Editor:

As Oregon general elections approach we are faced with clear choices as to the nature of the leadership that will lead us into the years ahead. I write to you today to request publication of this perspective that I believe to be of importance to your readers, to our local region and beyond.

Corporation’s unlimited contributions to political campaigns are now allowed across America through the Supreme Court ruling favoring ‘Citizens United’. This change to long standing American law gives undue power to corporations, and the ultra-rich. Wealthy donors contribute virtually unlimited amounts to campaigns, thereby influencing elections by promoting distortions that support their favored candidates or discrediting opponents.

As sovereign voters our litmus test for undue corporate influence is simple. When local Oregon candidate’s funds come from the wealthy top 1%, we must avoid voting for those candidates.  If elected they will not fully represent us but will unduly serve the contributors who bought them.

In this election, Monica Wehby, Dennis Richardson, and David Dotterrer are receiving substantial funding from wealthy outside sources. Jeff Merkley, John Kitzhaber, and Alan Bates, meanwhile, are buoyed by serving the aspirations of the people. Vote with legitimate local leadership in mind to save actual democracy.


Douglas Peterson

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