VOTE for Environmental Justice


“With liberty and justice for all.” The final line in the pledge of allegiance I recited every morning in grade school. I believed it was true. Hand over heart – I swear. But I was naively uninformed. Because for every ignorant and selfish action here, there are bad consequences for others elsewhere.

A prime example: America is the worst polluter, and yet we vote for people who allow fossil fuel companies to feed our over-consumption of cheap “stuff” and fuel, while denying that burning these fuels is causing climate change. The injustice: The rapid decline of our natural environment. Death, destruction and displacement of millions of people and wildlife because of hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, drought and freeze. These injustices bring untold suffering, but also breed terrorism in poor vulnerable countries.

If we want to be a world leader for justice, EVERY VOTE will matter on November 4. Local and state politicians make up the larger government. Which candidates are addressing this problem and which are ignoring or denying it? We must change our divisive politics and make this our common cause.

The hundreds of thousands who recently marched around the world for climate action have paved the way.

Diana O’Farrell

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