Ashland High School Message to missing student, Hannah Thomas-Garner


In a powerful show of support, the Ashland student body and faculty lined up in a heart shaped formation on the football field to demonstrate their concern for Hannah Thomas-Garner who has been missing since November 30. In the middle of the heart, six of Hannah’s friends held up letters spelling out the word “Moose”, Hannah’s nickname.

As students entered the field faculty and leadership students were on hand to instruct them to pair up in twos and to walk together. They followed the outline of the heart as they lined up. When the first layer of teens had gathered, more followed until the entire student body and faculty stood together as temperatures dropped and fog rolled in on the field. They shared a single message, “Hannah, we miss you. Please come home.”


Michelle Zundel, Ashland High School Principal addressed the crowd and read a note from Jeff Garner, Hannah’s dad and a friend said a few words on behalf of Hannah’s mom, Jamie Daugherty. After the speakers, Zundel directed the group to scrunch together and Larry Stauth of Rock Solid Photography took an aerial shot from the stadium booth.

photo by Larry Stauth

AHS sends a message of love to Hannah “Moose” Thomas-Garner who has been missing since November 30, 2014. We hope she will see this picture and reach out. We miss you Moose! #BringHannahHome Please help us reach her by sharing this post. (Photo by Larry Stauth, Rock Solid Photography)