Bernie Sanders supporters rally in Ashland


Bernie Sanders

Rogue Valley residents support Bernie Sanders campaign.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been energizing the 2016 election  with his ‘dark horse’ campaign, pledging to fight for universal health care, living wages and to stand against the corruptible influence of big money on American politics.

On July 29 Bernie Sanders will speak to over 80,000 supporters at more than 3000 grassroots meetings around the Country.

In Ashland, there will be a community meeting and public viewing of Sanders’ message to supporters beginning at 5 pm at the Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman Creek Road.

“Here in Ashland, four people opened their homes for the meetings, and within 24 hours, all were full, so a couple of us, recognizing the need for a larger venue, made other arraignments.” explains event organizer David Hyde.

“His message will be about a new beginning. He is not tied to the Washington D.C. establishment, nor the Multi-national Corporations that dominate the decision making process.  He is the people’s candidate, who’s concerns are for we the people.” said Hyde.

In Southern Oregon there are similar events scheduled for Talent, Grants Pass and Klamath Falls.

For more information call David Hyde at 541-892-1999.