“We All Live in Gaza” film preview Nov. 17 & 18

Although the US government enables Israel to colonize Palestine through its yearly $3 billion foreign aid, many people within both the US and Israel are deeply opposed to US tax dollars funding the Israel war machine.  Many Americans and Israelis are taking actions to share true stories of life and death in Palestine.


Documentary maker Maurice Jacobsen has spent the past 6 years living and working in the West Bank, Israel and Gaza.  In the 16 months he spent in Gaza Maurice met and interviewed dozens of men, women and children.  Maurice chronicled their sadness, anxiety and anger. He also noted equal measures of hope and optimism.  He came away with a deep respect for the Palestinian people.

From the footage Maurice gained when he lived in Gaza, he made a film called “We All Live in Gaza”.  In the film Gazans describe a system that they cannot escape.  Ayman Mohamis shares with viewers how he cared for his father, who later died, because his home had been shelled by Israeli tanks in 2009.  A young woman, Deema Mischal, points to the looming border barricades behind her and tells the camera she will be killed if she walks “over there.”  Deema describes how her dreams to become a doctor are being cut by the wall Israel has imposed on her life.

Communications with Gaza have been difficult and Maurice Jacobsen does not know how the people he came to know over the years have survived the bombings of summer 2014. From July 7 to August 26, Israel launched 50 days of unconscionable attacks on Gaza.  2200 Palestinians were killed (70% of them civilian and over 500 children).  At least 12,000 people lost their homes. 22 schools were destroyed and 24 medical facilities were damaged.  Maurice hopes to return to Gaza in early 2016 to follow up with the characters of the film. He will report online in a web series where video updates will be posted.

As Jacobsen travels throughout Oregon to screen clips of his film, he is raising funds to return to Gaza.  Maurice will screen previews of the film on November 18th at 7pm at Ashland Public Library, November 19th at 7pm at Medford Public Library and November 12 at Portland State University.  

For more information about Maurice’s projects, please see wegaza.com.