Video and Images from Bernie Sanders solidarity rally

Close to 100 rallied in Medford Oregon on Saturday to show community support for Bernie Sanders and the values he represents.

“Southern Oregon definitely has the Bern” says volunteer organizer Mel Ginsberg from Ashland. Bernie Sanders’ popularity is reflected nationally in recent polling which shows a surge of support for the candidate who just months ago was discounted as not having a chance.

Saturday’s rally highlighted the issues that really matter to ordinary people. Local leaders spoke on stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), raising the minimum wage to $15, and supporting national single payer “medicare for all” healthcare.

Jesse Sharpe of the 15-Now campaign makes a plea for living wages at the Bernie Sanders rally in Medford, Oregon.

62 people own more wealth than half the world… “Some people are more equal than others.”


At the Bernie Sanders rally in Medford Oregon on 1.23.2016 Sandra Coyner and Joseph Graf of Health Care for All Oregon speak on the importance of universal health care.

 Jennifer Sanchez speaks on corporate workers rights and wages at Bernie Sanders for President rally Jan. 22, 2016. Via Facebook