Support community meals for the homeless and hungry

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Wellness for Everyone (WE) is a non-denominational grassroots group that began in November 2015 as a response to the needs in our community. Hundreds of people in Jackson County are homeless and many of them live in Ashland, hiding along the Greenway and deep in the forested areas of our community. Although many area churches and other groups work diligently on this issue, we could see examples of people who were falling through the cracks and not receiving the services they needed. We wanted to do something about that.

What WE’ve done so far:

In November and December WE hosted two free community meals in Pioneer Hall. The November meal was held a few days before Thanksgiving and dozens of volunteers served a hot, healthy meal to about 60 hungry people. We collected warm clothing and toiletry items and handed them out to Ashland’s most vulnerable residents. In December we fed around 100 people and were able to double our efforts at providing warm gear. Volunteers were able to match folks with the most urgent needs with jackets, socks, shoes and women’s boots.

What WE’re going to do:

We have a core group of a dozen dedicated volunteers and a larger volunteer pool of approximately 80, so we’re set up to be a volunteer driven group with an emphasis on providing free monthly community meals. We will continue to do street outreach and try to meet some of the most pressing needs, whether that be providing direct services (Ie clothing or camping gear) or simply ensuring that people know how to get what they need through referrals to community partners.

Please support their goal to raise money to support building this grassroots effort. Click Here for their GoFundMe campaign.