2016 Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measures

Attacks on Our Families & Our Community


People who come to this state are hoping to build their own American dream, but regressive and repressive organizations and people are doing everything in their power to take that dream away from people.

In 2014, Oregon’s immigrant rights community fought for dignity and respect on the ballot. Our opposition was successful, and they’re back with a bigger anti-immigrant agenda that would undermine the well-being of our neighbors, friends, and families. They’re back again in 2016:

Require E-Verify: Some proposals would require every Oregon business to run each current and future employee through the flawed E-Verify program, or risk losing their business license. This measure will:

  • Put employees at risk because the federal program is inaccurate. Everyday workers might find themselves out of a job due to false findings.
    Place a heavy burden on small businesses by requiring them to enter into an MOU with the federal government that has 86 pages of rules and regulations.
    Duplicate employment practices that already exist. Oregon already uses the I-9 form to check the work authorization of employees.
    Business could lose their license to employ people altogether.

English-Only: Another measure would make English the official language of Oregon. All government information and documents — including those at schools — would only be published in English. No government job could require applicants to be competent in a language other than English.

Restricting Voting Rights: A final measure would cancel every Oregonian’s voter registration until they could re-prove to the county clerk that they are Oregon citizens.  This measure will Kick Oregon voters off the voter rolls within 10 years unless they re-register and provide proof of U.S. citizenship  Will reduce number of acceptable IDs, making it harder to register to vote.

Please do not sign any ballot proposal attacking IMMIGRANTS!