Fix-It: The Health Care Tipping Point


Unless you’re part of the 1%, the problems surrounding our healthcare system are felt by everyone. CEO Richard Master brings a new voice to the table for healthcare reform with his documentary “Fix it: Healthcare at the Tipping Point”. Masters owns a picture frames company called MCS Industries Inc out of Pennsylvania. His company is worth $200 million annually and he recognizes that the business world needs to take on the healthcare system that is out of control.

“My company now pays $1.5 million a year to provide access to healthcare for our workers and their dependents,” Master  said. “When I investigated where all the money goes, I was shocked.”

About ⅓ of every dollar spent on health care is eaten up by administrative costs. Meanwhile 1.4 million Americans file bankruptcy each year due to medical bills. About ¼ of Americans don’t get the health care they need in our current system of rationed care.

“As a result of this waste and inefficiency, our total spending on health care soared above $3 trillion in 2014. More than 17 percent of our national GDP is now eaten up by health care costs, far more than any other country.”

‘Fix It’ investigates health care reform from the place of the boardroom rather than the picket line. It’s a look at how the healthcare industry squelches business and the jobs that could grow out of it, if businesses paid less on health care, while making a point that it’s a public good to have access to that care in the first place.

Master spoke about how much of their company’s profits were eaten up by the extreme costs of providing healthcare for employees and their dependants. “We had to watch every penny of overhead. Every penny, every half penny on this product. And the one area that was so confounding was healthcare costs,” he said.

This film examines how our multi payer system of healthcare costs more and provides much less than a single payer system could. Some of the nation’s leading health care policy makers are interviewed in the film including Dr. Don Berwick, former administrator of the Center for Medicaid and Medicaid Services and Dr. Theodore Marmor, Professor Emeritus, Public Policy at Yale University as well as a host of other doctors, nurses and medical specialists.

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