INDYMEDIA: From Occupy to Democracy Spring

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Join a roundtable and Q&A about the impact of independent media on the Battle in Seattle, Wisconsin Teachers strike, Occupy movement, Ferguson, #BLM and the occupation of Malheur National Monument. We will discuss the rise of the indymedia movement. how independent media shapes coverage and how mainstream media works to propagandize and obfuscate the issues.

Monday, April 18 at 5 pm at the Meece Room in the Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University. Following the discussion we will be awarding the Hal Jamison Award for Independent Media and watching the documentary Mosaic of Facts.

About Jason Houk

Jason Houk is an organizer with Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and is news director of KSKQ 89.5 FM. He is the publisher of the Rogue Valley Community Press.

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