Ashland Oregon feels the Bern!

Over one hundred Bernie Sanders supporters showed their solidarity and energy on Friday in the Ashland Plaza. They were joined by members of the American Postal Workers Union who are in town for their convention. APWU’s National Executive Board has endorsed Sanders.

2016 Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measures

Attacks on Our Families & Our Community


People who come to this state are hoping to build their own American dream, but regressive and repressive organizations and people are doing everything in their power to take that dream away from people.

In 2014, Oregon’s immigrant rights community fought for dignity and respect on the ballot. Our opposition was successful, and they’re back with a bigger anti-immigrant agenda that would undermine the well-being of our neighbors, friends, and families. They’re back again in 2016:

Require E-Verify: Some proposals would require every Oregon business to run each current and future employee through the flawed E-Verify program, or risk losing their business license. This measure will:

  • Put employees at risk because the federal program is inaccurate. Everyday workers might find themselves out of a job due to false findings.
    Place a heavy burden on small businesses by requiring them to enter into an MOU with the federal government that has 86 pages of rules and regulations.
    Duplicate employment practices that already exist. Oregon already uses the I-9 form to check the work authorization of employees.
    Business could lose their license to employ people altogether.

English-Only: Another measure would make English the official language of Oregon. All government information and documents — including those at schools — would only be published in English. No government job could require applicants to be competent in a language other than English.

Restricting Voting Rights: A final measure would cancel every Oregonian’s voter registration until they could re-prove to the county clerk that they are Oregon citizens.  This measure will Kick Oregon voters off the voter rolls within 10 years unless they re-register and provide proof of U.S. citizenship  Will reduce number of acceptable IDs, making it harder to register to vote.

Please do not sign any ballot proposal attacking IMMIGRANTS!

Video and Images from Bernie Sanders solidarity rally

Close to 100 rallied in Medford Oregon on Saturday to show community support for Bernie Sanders and the values he represents.

“Southern Oregon definitely has the Bern” says volunteer organizer Mel Ginsberg from Ashland. Bernie Sanders’ popularity is reflected nationally in recent polling which shows a surge of support for the candidate who just months ago was discounted as not having a chance.

Saturday’s rally highlighted the issues that really matter to ordinary people. Local leaders spoke on stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), raising the minimum wage to $15, and supporting national single payer “medicare for all” healthcare.

Jesse Sharpe of the 15-Now campaign makes a plea for living wages at the Bernie Sanders rally in Medford, Oregon.

62 people own more wealth than half the world… “Some people are more equal than others.”


At the Bernie Sanders rally in Medford Oregon on 1.23.2016 Sandra Coyner and Joseph Graf of Health Care for All Oregon speak on the importance of universal health care.

 Jennifer Sanchez speaks on corporate workers rights and wages at Bernie Sanders for President rally Jan. 22, 2016. Via Facebook


Bernie Sanders supporters rally in Ashland


Bernie Sanders

Rogue Valley residents support Bernie Sanders campaign.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been energizing the 2016 election  with his ‘dark horse’ campaign, pledging to fight for universal health care, living wages and to stand against the corruptible influence of big money on American politics.

On July 29 Bernie Sanders will speak to over 80,000 supporters at more than 3000 grassroots meetings around the Country.

In Ashland, there will be a community meeting and public viewing of Sanders’ message to supporters beginning at 5 pm at the Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman Creek Road.

“Here in Ashland, four people opened their homes for the meetings, and within 24 hours, all were full, so a couple of us, recognizing the need for a larger venue, made other arraignments.” explains event organizer David Hyde.

“His message will be about a new beginning. He is not tied to the Washington D.C. establishment, nor the Multi-national Corporations that dominate the decision making process.  He is the people’s candidate, who’s concerns are for we the people.” said Hyde.

In Southern Oregon there are similar events scheduled for Talent, Grants Pass and Klamath Falls.

For more information call David Hyde at 541-892-1999.

Oregon is NOT for sale to Billionaires

To the Editor:

As Oregon general elections approach we are faced with clear choices as to the nature of the leadership that will lead us into the years ahead. I write to you today to request publication of this perspective that I believe to be of importance to your readers, to our local region and beyond.

Corporation’s unlimited contributions to political campaigns are now allowed across America through the Supreme Court ruling favoring ‘Citizens United’. This change to long standing American law gives undue power to corporations, and the ultra-rich. Wealthy donors contribute virtually unlimited amounts to campaigns, thereby influencing elections by promoting distortions that support their favored candidates or discrediting opponents.

As sovereign voters our litmus test for undue corporate influence is simple. When local Oregon candidate’s funds come from the wealthy top 1%, we must avoid voting for those candidates.  If elected they will not fully represent us but will unduly serve the contributors who bought them.

In this election, Monica Wehby, Dennis Richardson, and David Dotterrer are receiving substantial funding from wealthy outside sources. Jeff Merkley, John Kitzhaber, and Alan Bates, meanwhile, are buoyed by serving the aspirations of the people. Vote with legitimate local leadership in mind to save actual democracy.


Douglas Peterson

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VOTE for Environmental Justice


“With liberty and justice for all.” The final line in the pledge of allegiance I recited every morning in grade school. I believed it was true. Hand over heart – I swear. But I was naively uninformed. Because for every ignorant and selfish action here, there are bad consequences for others elsewhere.

A prime example: America is the worst polluter, and yet we vote for people who allow fossil fuel companies to feed our over-consumption of cheap “stuff” and fuel, while denying that burning these fuels is causing climate change. The injustice: The rapid decline of our natural environment. Death, destruction and displacement of millions of people and wildlife because of hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, drought and freeze. These injustices bring untold suffering, but also breed terrorism in poor vulnerable countries.

If we want to be a world leader for justice, EVERY VOTE will matter on November 4. Local and state politicians make up the larger government. Which candidates are addressing this problem and which are ignoring or denying it? We must change our divisive politics and make this our common cause.

The hundreds of thousands who recently marched around the world for climate action have paved the way.

Diana O’Farrell

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Next step after the GMO crop ordinance: County Commissioners Vote

by Gregg Marchese

With the gmo crop ban ordinance now in place in Jackson County, we can once again all be a part of the ongoing historic movement to make Jackson County an even safer, more beautiful and vibrant place to live.

It’s hard to think of anything more important to our County and its new ordinance than the elections for County Commissioner (except maybe a pesticide Bill of Rights such as Josephine County has on its ballot now). 2 seats for County Commissioner are up for election this November.

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