VICTORY (for now)! Feds reject LNG pipeline and terminal


Federal energy regulators have denied the certificate needed to build Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Southern Oregon. Regulators say the public benefit of the pipeline does not outweigh the adverse effects on landowners in its path.

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Climate Change: Have We Reached the Point of No Return?


James Hanson, the renowned climate scientist whose warnings about global warming were heavily censored by the Bush Administration when he worked at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, published a paper (with 16 other scientists) this past August titled, Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms . In it the scientists present data that indicate that rapid ice sheet melting now underway will lead to a general sea level rise of several meters (10-14 feet) by the end of the century, which will inundate Pacific Island nations and the country of Bangladesh, flood most of south Louisiana, change the map of Florida, and even flood parts of California’s Central Valley. This presumes the level of atmospheric CO2 continues to rise from the current 400 ppm to no more than 600 ppm by the end of the century – a pretty good bet, given that the current increase in CO2 averages 2 ppm annually.

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Our Critical Climate: Trends Impacts and Solutions

Rogue Basin Summit – October 13 & 14

Everyone loves where they live. We are no exception! The answer to why this area is so beautiful, is revealed in a trip to Grants Pass: “It’s the Climate.” The forests, woodlands, agriculture, wineries, and rivers we enjoy are maintained by our climate.


But the Rogue Basin has been experiencing four decades of troubling climate trends. Data from Medford reveal the city has warmed nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the last century, with 2014 4 degrees F above the rising trend. The area is also experiencing decreasing snowfall, advancing snowmelt, reduction in late summer stream flow and water availability for domestic and agricultural use.

To explore trends and seek remedies, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is organizing a two day fall conference: “Our Critical Climate: Trends, Impacts & Solutions – A Rogue Basin Summit” for October 13 and 14. It will explore current trends and projections, their consequences, and what we can do to address these issues.

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Senator Wyden Townhall – Jordan Cove, Free Trade, Fast Track

Over 1oo joined Senator Ron Wyden at the townhall meeting in Grants Pass.  The senate Democrat took questions from the community about a number of issues, including jobs, trade,  and the Jordan Cove energy project.

DSCN1469 DSCN1475 DSCN1459

Ron Wyden responds to questions about his support for Jordan Cove Project and dodges questions about Free Trade and Fast Track.

Northwest Fire Information Links – UPDATED

nwcc_imsNorthwest Fire Locations via Northwest Interagency Coordination Center

NWCC serves as the northwest area geographic focal point to provide logistical support and intelligence relative to anticipated and ongoing wildfire activity for all federal and cooperating state wildland fire suppression agencies.

Oregon Department of Forestry
Southwest Oregon District

Incident Information Web


More Than 300 Rogue Valley Residents Celebrate Rogue Climate’s “Clean Energy Day” at Medford Commons

Photo Credit: David Chambers

Event calls for a coordinated local clean energy plan to create jobs, reduce long-term energy costs, and help address climate change by speeding the transition to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency.

via Hannah Sohl – Rogue Climate

A festive crowd of more than 300 Rogue Valley residents today celebrated Clean Energy Day at Medford Commons, organized by Rogue Climate, a nonpartisan, youth-led advocacy group. The huge crowd included students, parents, grandparents, teachers, faith communities, forestry workers, farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, small business owners and workers, local elected officials, and other residents.

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Days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over

By Erik Shute for Newsy.com

The aftershock of Japan’s disastrous earthquake and tsunami can still be felt by the continuous cleanup at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Two years of nuclear runoff spilling into the ocean have caused environmental activist Joe Martino to warn: “Your days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over.”

His choice words on the activist website Collective Evolution are quantified in this infographic compiled by German researchers at GEOMAR. The animation shows the dispersion of Cesium-137, a radioactive byproduct, will reach every corner of the Pacific by the year 2020.

Martino’s claim comes after the latest numbers by the Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, show more than 300 tons of contaminated water seep into the Pacific Ocean each day.

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