KSKQ interview with Connie Saldana – low income housing crisis

KSKQ News Collaborative series on low income housing.  Deb Vanpoolen interviews Connie Saldana of Rogue Valley Council of Governments about southern Oregon’s low income housing crisis.

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KSKQ Interview: Fair Shot Campaign

Interview with Alex Budd, organizer with Oregon Action about the Fair Shot Campaign.

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Interview: Danger of single employee train crews.

communityaudioOn the Brain Labor Report we talk with Ron Kaminkow, an engineer and general secretary of Railroad Workers United about the problems of single employee train crews. Federal legislation HR 3040 would mandate full crews. We are also joined by J.P Wright an engineer with CSX Transportation. He shares his story about organizing with RWU, current RR technology and the campaign to improve cooperation and safety among railroad unions.

“They are always going to need someone in that seat when something goes wrong.” ~JP Wright

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Recorded live on 8.20.2014 at KSKQ 89.5 FM community radio.

On The Media: Library District For The Rogue Valley

Amy Blossom joins Jason Houk to discuss ballot measure 15-122 supporting a property tax to fund local libraries.

On The Media: Measure 15-119, What’s Next?

FIP-logo-webPaige Imbrogno of Families for Food Freedom shares news about the Food Integrity Project is a voluntary program. It grants recognition-status and verification to restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries in southern Oregon who offer GMO-Free menu options.


On The Media: The Science Of GMOs

On episode 27 On The Media we discusses the science behind genetic engineering with Professor Ray Seidler, a local microbiologist.


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Interview with Deb Van Poolen – KSKQ 89.5 FM

This morning on KSKQ 89.5 FM we interview Deb Van Poolen, an activist and “artistic witness” about her experiences.  In March 2014, Van Poolen attended the trial of Cecily McMillian, an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator who was found guilty this week of second-degree assault following a months-long trial from a 2012 altercation she had with the New York Police Department. Cecily McMillan faces up to seven years in prison as a result of the conviction.  She is currently being held without bail, her sentencing is May 19.

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