Letter to the Editor

October in Palestine

by Deb Vanpoolen

Each day of October 2015 stories of public killings and other abuses against Palestinians have made their way around the globe. A Red Crescent spokesperson told Ma’an News that in October 2015 “at least 760 Palestinians were shot with live rounds across the occupied Palestinian territory, while another 1,857 were hit with rubber-coated steel bullets.  He said that a further 5,399 Palestinians were treated for excessive tear gas inhalation during the period.” More than ever, the truth about conditions of life and death in Palestine must be known, understood, and ended in order for justice and peace to come to the Middle East.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on October 22, “this crisis would not have erupted….if the Palestinians did not still live under a stifling and humiliating occupation that has lasted almost half a century.”

When I visited the West Bank of Palestine in 2013, I learned much about the area from Mazin Qumseyah, a geneticist who left his professorship at Duke University to teach at Bethlehem University and live in the West Bank village Beit Sahour where he grew up. Mazin said in his October 16th blog,

Since October 1, 2015 … 32 Palestinian youth including 8 children were killed and 1300 Palestinians (one third of them children) were injured. Seven Israelis were killed and dozens reported injured (none children). In compliance with Zionist masters and due to few Arabs bothering to act, most Western media ignore reality and speak the classic Zionist mythology that labels all resistance as terrorism and that only hopes for calm (but not freedom). It also ignores the systematic state terrorism inflicted every day for seven decades by a rogue colonial apartheid state on the “unwanted” natives. We Palestinians have always called for justice and coexistence with full human rights.  Now John Kerry representing Israel wants to come to calm things down. But the USA government is the reason for this mayhem as you fund and directly support the colonizers. People resist colonization. Only when you stop funding and arming and shielding Israel from International law, only then people can listen to you. The reason billions are sent to Israel is because of a Zionist lobby that intimidates and in many cases buys support from compliant politicians thus putting Zionist interests ahead of US public interest.


Pimping for Pollution

I recently received an email newsletter from Rep. Greg Walden wherein he proudly states that he voted to defund the EPA.   Now either he is incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt because the only reason to defund the EPA is to give a free pass to the powerful pollution industries.
Greg surely must know that our atmosphere and oceans are heating up due to a steady profusion of greenhouse gases and that we need the EPA more than ever to help stem that tide of death.  NASA, NOAA and The Defense Department know, the World Bank knows and most vintners, pear growers and foresters know.  But Walden and a chorus line of similar political pimps continue dancing for polluted dollars.
Our nation is not responding in an effective manner to global warming and climate change…primarily because of the powerful fossil fuel interests that influence too many politicians like Walden, but also due to propaganda outlets that mislead voters into thinking that media pundits and pimping politicians know more than scientists.
We are teetering on a moral cusp of life and death due to greenhouse gases and Walden once more voted for death.
Lee Lull
Talent, Oregon