Medford Teacher Strike

Community Support Rally for Medford Teachers

On February 15, 2014, hundreds of people descended on Hawthorne Park to show their support for the Medford Education Association and the more than 600 people that are out on strike.  Teachers, students, parents and representatives of many unions and social justice groups gathered to rally for the teachers who had spent over a week on the picket lines.

Listen to an KSKQ audio recording of the rally HERE.



Medford teachers ON STRIKE!

Last minute efforts of state mediators hoping to avert a strike were dashed last week as the 600 teachers of the Medford Education Association walked out of the classrooms and onto the picket line.

The 600 teachers of the Medford Educational Association walked out of classes last week to strike for fair wages and working conditions.

“Our negotiating team did not sleep last night as we wrestled with numbers and various scenarios that we hoped would meet our students’ long-term needs and still satisfy teachers.” writes Phil Long, Superintendent Medford School District 549C on Feb. 6th.

In the latest rounds of negotiations both Medford teachers and District have exchanged and rejected bargaining proposals.

The key issues that continue to hold up settlement include compensation and demands on working conditions, including prep times, caseload and class sizes.

The working conditions put forward in the Association’s proposal are critical to the teachers’ ability to adequately serve their students, parents, and the community.” according to MEA press release. “Keeping the current standards of working and giving the teaching professionals a voice in their schools is a no-cost offer.”

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Medford School District hit with Unfair Labor Practice complaint.

teacher1The Medford Education Association (MEA) has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against the Medford School District. According to the MEA, a complaint has been filed with the Oregon Employment Relations Board with evidence of the district’s alleged unlawful behavior.

The MEA is accusing the district of failing to restore days and/or increase insurance coverage and salaries as agreed to after the district received more money from the state last May.

According to the complaint filed, the two sides had agreed what to do if extra money became available in a memorandum of understanding they’ve been operating under during current contract negotiations.

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