Community seeks answers for missing Ashland teen

Nearly a month after Hannah Thomas-Garner disappeared at a rave party on the outskirts of Ashland, Oregon, community members gathered to ask the police to step up their investigation.

December 29 Press Conference

Community members, Ashland Police Deputy Chief Tighe O’Meara and media gather to share the latest details of the disappearance of Hannah Thomas-Garner.

A crowd of about 35 people assembled in front of the Ashland Police Station on December 28 and were met by Deputy Chief Tighe O’Meara who answered questions for most of an hour.

Volunteers from the BringHannahHome Facebook page called for the meeting after changes in weather affected their plans to search the area where Thomas-Garner was last seen on November 30.  They asked the Ashland police department to launch a criminal investigation of the teenagers disappearance after stating that they didn’t believe that Thomas-Garner is a runaway.

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Important update on ground search for Hannah Thomas-Garner

Regarding 12-28 ground search.

via Bring Hannah Home facebook page

Search volunteers: In the interest of your safety, we are postponing the search until conditions improve in the search area. Some melting is expected today, but it will freeze again overnight, snow showers are expected in the morning, and conditions will be much too dangerous for our search.

But if you had hoped to search and still want to help the family, please meet in the parking lot of the Ashland Police Department at 11:00 Monday morning, December 29th. We will read a statement about why we believe Hannah is NOT a runaway and urge the police to reclassify the case and initiate an investigation into Hannah’s disappearance. This will be a peaceful gathering and we will alert the media. We hope to see you there. Thank you

Community members and family doubt that Hannah Thomas-Garner is a runaway

More information is coming out about the disappearance of Hannah Thomas-Garner and many people close to Hannah worry that she may be in danger. Authorities previously said that they believe that Thomas-Garner is a runaway, but Hannah’s father and other community members say that isn’t logical. By all accounts the 17 year old honor roll, advanced placement student has a history of making good decisions, was trustworthy and as her dad insists “wouldn’t worry her family like this.”  At a community vigil on November 17, one of her teachers described her as “an honor roll student with a brilliant mind”. Others in the community have described a young woman who they trusted to take care of small children and pets and say that up until her disappearance, she always followed through and acted responsibly. Running away is out of character for such a girl.


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Ferguson solidarity rally – Medford Oregon

Over 40 people peacefully gathered in Medford Oregon’s Vogel Plaza on November 26 to show solidarity with the community of Ferguson Missouri and to bring attention to police violence against minorities, the poor and mentally ill. Folks made signs, chanted and sang. Several folks spoke on the reasons why they were there. The spontaneous event gained the attention of mainstream media.

Solidarity rally for Ferguson

“How blessed are those who keep justice, Who practice righteousness at all times!” -Psalms 106:3

ferguson-police-call-for-end-to-night-protests-after-shootingOn August 9, 2014, Mike Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson.

The time and place for a solidarity action for Ferguson is 12 Noon at Vogel Plaza in Medford the DAY AFTER the Grand Jury announcement is made. We will gather for an hour or more to show solidarity for community of Ferguson Missouri and rally for peace and justice. The intention is to bring attention to the plight of poor, minority and mentally ill that are killed by law enforcement. Also the militarization of our community police.

I am looking for mediators and peace makers who would like to speak during the rally to bring some clarity and understanding.

Let me know if have any questions or would like to help with carpool…


Jason Houk

Southern Oregon Walmart workers strike for raises, rights and protection from retaliation

walmart-protests.jpeg9-1280x960Walmart Associates (workers) seeking higher wages will strike at their stores nationwide on   Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. Several Walmart workers in Southern Oregon will walk off their jobs to join the nationwide protests during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Associates want fair pay, respect and the end of retaliation that can happen whenever they speak out or act together. Discipline and firings must stop according to Federal Labor Law or the workers will have serious grounds for workplace complaints.

Associates are calling on Walmart to increase wages and to give them access to full-time hours. Walmart reports $16 billion in annual profits, while at the same time many of its workers are relying on public programs, including food stamps and health care assistance programs to help support their families.   Walmart’s poverty employment drains our economy.

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Whooping Cough alert for Ashland Middle School

jackson-county-oregonThe Jackson County Health  Department is alerting Ashland residents that students from Ashland Middle School have been diagnosed with Pertussis. Pertussis, also called “Whooping Cough”, is a disease caused by a bacteria and is easily spread from person to person.  It can cause serious complications, especially for infants, pregnant women in their third trimester, and people with compromised immune systems.

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More Than 300 Rogue Valley Residents Celebrate Rogue Climate’s “Clean Energy Day” at Medford Commons

Photo Credit: David Chambers

Event calls for a coordinated local clean energy plan to create jobs, reduce long-term energy costs, and help address climate change by speeding the transition to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency.

via Hannah Sohl – Rogue Climate

A festive crowd of more than 300 Rogue Valley residents today celebrated Clean Energy Day at Medford Commons, organized by Rogue Climate, a nonpartisan, youth-led advocacy group. The huge crowd included students, parents, grandparents, teachers, faith communities, forestry workers, farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, small business owners and workers, local elected officials, and other residents.

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Citizen Initiative Review Panel finding supports Measure 15-119

Supermajority of the Non-partisan Citizens Initiative Review Panel Agrees with Family Farms Coalition’s  Primary Claims Regarding Measure 15-119 – Reject’s Opposition’s Primary Scare Tactics

via Family Farms Coalition

downtownrallyAfter three days of study, debate and deliberations with experts regarding Measure 15-119, a panel of 20 representative Jackson County voters organized as a part of the Citizens Initiative Review (CIR), which is sanctioned by the State of Oregon to review ballot measures, released its final findings yesterday. The purpose of the review by the non-partisan group named Healthy Democracy was to help voters understand the facts related to Measure 15-119 prior to the upcoming vote. The “Key Findings” of the group were voted on and approved by a supermajority of the group today and *validated each of the primary arguments and factual claims made by the Our Family Farms Coalition in support of Measure 15-119*.
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Action at Rep. Greg Walden’s Medford District Office

Ramon Ramirez of PCUN and the United Farm Workers is joined by Barbara Fontaine of Rural Organizing Project, Dagoberto Morales of Unete, Vincenta P. Alvarado and Rich Rohde of Oregon Action and members of Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice make a visit to Representative Greg Walden’s Medford District Office to meet with the congressman and demand his support of comprehensive immigration reform. They were met by Troy Ferguson, a Constituent Services Manager in Walden’s Medford office. Ramirez vows to stay until he meets with Rep. Walden or is forced to leave.

VIDEO: Immigration action at Rep. Greg Walden’s office

VIDEO: Immigration action at Rep. Greg Walden’s office Part 2

VIDEO: Immigration action at Rep. Greg Walden’s office Part 3



For Immediate Release


Contact: Virginia Camberos, Oregon Action Ӏ 541-772-4029

Update: Sit In and Rally at Rep. Walden’s Office, 4/24/2014

Police escort protesters from Senator Walden's office.


Immigration Reform activists arrested in Medford tonight after refusing to leave Representative Walden’s office until he agreed to meet with them or take immediate action to move comprehensive immigration reform to a vote. Ramon Ramirez, Rich Rohde, and Barbara Fontaine were arrested and peacefully escorted out of Representative Walden’s Medford field office. No citations were issued.


The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) is the nation’s largest coalition of grassroots organizations in 30 states fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.

PCUN is Oregon’s largest farmworker organization, representing 4,500 farm workers, nursery, and reforestation workers in the state.

Oregon Action is a social justice organization focused on economic justice, racial equity, and access to affordable, quality healthcare for all.

The Rural Organizing Project is a statewide network of groups dedicated to advancing human

CAUSA is Oregon’s statewide Latino immigrant rights organization.