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Letter to my Granddaughter

by Amy Laws

    There is an old Chinese proverb that states: “women hold up half the sky.” Women make up half of this earth, and are just as equally responsible of it. Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to be a princess waiting for your prince, a submissive housewife, or that you have to dedicate your life to looking beautiful in the eyes of society. Being a woman doesn’t mean that you are restricted to a neat little gender role, it means that you opportunities are limitless. There will inevitably come a day when you are told otherwise, and when that day comes, I want you to remember that all humans, regardless of gender identity, are equal. I trust that you will work towards a future where women will be treated as equals.

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Is it time for a viable third party?

by David Hyde – Jackson County Move to Amend


To answer that question, we need to ask ourselves why? Is our government serving the citizens well? Is it protecting civil rights, natural resources, health and  welfare? The Supreme Court says that the Multinational Corporations are people, and money is speech. They are deciding if the one percent of our people, with  their vast amounts of money, can spend unlimited amounts to influence elections and they are deciding on a suit by Halliburton to severely limit class-action suits against unlawful actions of corporations. Does it make sense to reduce the  power of the EPA’s ability to enforce laws protecting us from pollution? How  can our elected legislators to represent us, when they take money from special interest groups, who are not interested in the people?

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Strong Post Offices Make Stronger Rural Communities

by Wes Brain, Community Organizer, Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

saps-logo-whiteThough it’s been a fairly mild winter here in Oregon, most of the country has experienced record cold, snow and ice. News reports show cancelled flights, traffic snarls and closed businesses and offices. But you know what? The United States Postal Service (USPS) kept right on delivering the mail all over the country, just like it always has.

In rural Oregon rural communities like ours, the United States Postal Service also serves as a lifeline for basic necessities. The post office provides essential services that help local businesses, farmers and ranchers prosper and provide jobs.

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Shining a light into the darkness of suicide: Suicide prevention in the Rogue Valley

by Aaron Lundstrom

world_suicide_prevention_day_by_raynehale-d5ed6rmI had never associated Ashland with suicide. Sure, I read about Ashland’s homicides and rapes and the typical sordid sundries that many other communities produce. But suicide? Not once before moving and exploring here in early 2013 did I put Ashland and suicide together. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it’s partly because Ashland’s a town that hosts Blissology University seminars, is home to those “Ashland is the Center of the Universe” bumper stickers, and harbors an exceptional number of smiling pedestrians. My disillusionment began, though, sometime around mid-2013 — because of Twitter.

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GMOs are Immoral and Ill-Advised

No-GMOThe whole system that allows private corporations to genetically modify seeds, to own them as “intellectual property” and have eliminated the requirement that their products be studied by regulatory agencies is SHOCKING, DANGEROUS and IMMORAL.  I believe this overreach of GMO companies is not based on true science since patents were approved by insiders’ agreement based on the idea of “substantial equivalents”, not on testing or independent review.

These actions can be interpreted as “playing God” and deeper study and investigation is essential. In addition to voting Yes on Measure 15-119 in May, I believe citizens might seek a “cease and desist” order, an injunction or a “moratorium” on GMO seeds – no more growing, no new patents, no more products until consumers and those monitoring the legality, morality, health, and environmental repercussions of GMOs, sprays, chemicals and questionable toxic soup involved in their “recipe” are proven safe, prudent and sound..  The precautionary principle applies – DO NO HARM!

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Anti-Semitism in Liberal Land?

(Opinions The Tidings Will Not Print)

by Leah Ev Ireland

Our local RVTV is a TV station dedicated to free speech which serves the area well. There is an especially “free speech” late night slot reserved for home made documentaries that are edgy and radical. That is a great service to the community and free thinking.

As a civil rights activist, however, I’ve been given the “bums rush” by both RVTV and the Tidings with my concerns that one show is anti-Semitic. If so, it breaks the very tenets of RVTV itself and keeps residents uninformed. Again, this paper alone endeavors to print what is important to make public.

The series of shows on late night RVTV claim that Zionists are taking over the world. It goes on to infer that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. It is true that American Jews are less and less happy with Israeli politics and actions. But this tired old world needs new solutions and not old enemies.

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The Threat of the TPP to Public Health – Part 3 (A Glimmer of Hope ??)

by Ivend Holen

photo2362With the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating process now winding down to its final stages, some optimism for opponents of this disastrous trade bill may be warranted, at last. Although the governments and over 600 corporate lobbyists negotiating this draconian trade agreement still don’t want you to know what’s in it, some of them issued cheery press releases congratulating themselves for the “progress” they made at the last round in Brunei last August. But you’ll search in vain for any information on what “progress” they made, or even what the TPP negotiators are up to.

With the end of the 19th round of negotiations in Brunei in late August, the negotiators are ending their practice of “consultation”, and are now holding secret unannounced meetings. In other words, not only is the text of the TPP to remain in secrecy, the continuing negotiations themselves are being kept secret.

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One Woman’s Opinion

By Noreen Hulteen

Political Progressives complain about the incredible inactivity of Congress. Well, just suppose that they are implementing a plan and meeting their primary objective. What if their plan is to keep you diverted from issues that are seriously important to our country and keep you focused elsewhere? Do they succeed in their plan to get you to focus on the issues they choose, while they manipulate away your democratic rights, and grab all the resources? I suggest that they have.

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Whistle blower are heroes

Let’s hear it for our heroes that face the firing line – whistleblowers. Being up against the Military/Industrial complex coupled with big government and world corporations requires a superhuman courage for truth. We are fortunate that in every generation certain characters are born who would give up their lives for freedom for all of us.

The idea of freedom of information is a free press, and that all people are equal serves the ideal that developing each informed choice is worth dying for. We have come a long way from the caves to landing on the moon, yet throughout history, the fight for social justice has mankind completely stuck.

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Applause & Hiss

Well it doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s a disappointment that Governor Rick Perry R-(TX) signed a bill which limits access to legal abortions. The measure bans all abortions after 20 weeks gestation, which is when many serious pregnancy complications arise.

“It is a very happy, celebratory day,” Perry said just before he sat down to sign the bill.

Democratic Senator Wendy Davis said, “When Governor Perry signed the bill, he signaled a clear break with Texas families,” She said Perry and his party’s elected officials “have now taken sides and chosen narrow partisan special interests over mothers, daughters, sisters and every Texan who puts the health of their family, the well-being of their neighbors, and the future of Texas ahead of politics and personal ambitions.”

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