A Voice from Ancient Delhi: “ After Tomorrow the Days Disappear”

by Brenda Gould and Beth Gould


My daughter Rebecca Gould is an author, translator and professor at the University of Bristol, UK. Her sister Beth lives in Ashland and has reviewed Rebecca’s new work, a compilation of ancient poems from the Sufi poet, Hasan Sijzi of Delhi.

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Searching for truth

Little mouse
crawling on the floor
endlessly searching for a scrap
of the truth
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Include compassion

Walking this Earth
Can be a cruel path of Dirt,
Nobody understands
Where your true Heart stands.
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Triangle Shirtwaist Company: Twenty-First Century Edition

A highrise building
No external fire escapes
(Locked doors?)
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Mainstream media misdirection

Grabbing the news
You can use
Off the desk of intention
Intentionally distorting all perspectives
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