Solidarity rally for Ferguson

“How blessed are those who keep justice, Who practice righteousness at all times!” -Psalms 106:3

ferguson-police-call-for-end-to-night-protests-after-shootingOn August 9, 2014, Mike Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson.

The time and place for a solidarity action for Ferguson is 12 Noon at Vogel Plaza in Medford the DAY AFTER the Grand Jury announcement is made. We will gather for an hour or more to show solidarity for community of Ferguson Missouri and rally for peace and justice. The intention is to bring attention to the plight of poor, minority and mentally ill that are killed by law enforcement. Also the militarization of our community police.

I am looking for mediators and peace makers who would like to speak during the rally to bring some clarity and understanding.

Let me know if have any questions or would like to help with carpool…


Jason Houk



We need a new sheriff

Sheriff Mike Winters holds a news conference after Bradley Monical escaped from the Jackson County Jail in 2012.

“Promises made, promises kept”, touts Jackson County Sheriff Winters campaign materials. Running for another term, Mike Winters has a deeply rooted history of doing just the opposite of his shiny campaign slogans. From botched murder investigations to using Jackson County resources and funding to eradicate marijuana in outside jurisdictions; under Winters’ leadership, the sheriffs office has repeatedly failed to protect citizens and under his direction the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has been hit with an alarming number of alleged human rights violations and other misconduct.

Jackson County can’t afford another four years with Sheriff Mike Winters.at the helm.

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On The Media: Library District For The Rogue Valley

Amy Blossom joins Jason Houk to discuss ballot measure 15-122 supporting a property tax to fund local libraries.

Is it time for a viable third party?

by David Hyde – Jackson County Move to Amend


To answer that question, we need to ask ourselves why? Is our government serving the citizens well? Is it protecting civil rights, natural resources, health and  welfare? The Supreme Court says that the Multinational Corporations are people, and money is speech. They are deciding if the one percent of our people, with  their vast amounts of money, can spend unlimited amounts to influence elections and they are deciding on a suit by Halliburton to severely limit class-action suits against unlawful actions of corporations. Does it make sense to reduce the  power of the EPA’s ability to enforce laws protecting us from pollution? How  can our elected legislators to represent us, when they take money from special interest groups, who are not interested in the people?

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