Walmart Retaliates!

Community stands with fired worker

Ismael Nunez and Jennifer Sanchez

Ismael Nunez and Jennifer Sanchez address a press conference outside Walmart Supercenter in Meford.


While Walmart claims publicly that they respect the rights of workers to speak out, according to complaints, managers at stores in southern Oregon and across the country are doing just the opposite – firing or disciplining employees who participated in legal protests.

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Southern Oregon Walmart workers strike for raises, rights and protection from retaliation

walmart-protests.jpeg9-1280x960Walmart Associates (workers) seeking higher wages will strike at their stores nationwide on   Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. Several Walmart workers in Southern Oregon will walk off their jobs to join the nationwide protests during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Associates want fair pay, respect and the end of retaliation that can happen whenever they speak out or act together. Discipline and firings must stop according to Federal Labor Law or the workers will have serious grounds for workplace complaints.

Associates are calling on Walmart to increase wages and to give them access to full-time hours. Walmart reports $16 billion in annual profits, while at the same time many of its workers are relying on public programs, including food stamps and health care assistance programs to help support their families.   Walmart’s poverty employment drains our economy.

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